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1. Our site must be placed on a page with no more than 50 links on it

2. As a standard requirement you must first put our site and info up on your portal before you can get listed in our directory. Please note as well that our spiders are sent out on a regular basis to check to see if our site is still up on yours if our spider does not detect our site it will temporarily remove your site until the matter is resolved.

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Step #1: Add our site to your resource page using the following info:

Site Title: Online Casinos Gamble - Casino Resource
Site Url: http://onlinecasinos-gamble.com
Site Description: Play at the best online casino sites on the web today!

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When adding our link please make sure that the info matches exactly as it does above and DOESN'T contain any spaces after the URL as our software will not be able to verify the URL and your site will not be added to ours.

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