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Online Casino Banking Guide and Info.

Below you'll find descriptions of the most popular banking options offered by online casinos. All of the banking options detailed below are available at over 90% of the online casinos available on the web. In addition to making it easy and convenient to make transfers to and from your online casino account many of the online casinos out there and almost all of the one that are featured here at OnlineCasinos-Gamble.com offer players additional bonus incentives for using alternative banking options such as NETeller, FirePay, Click2Pay and the rest of them to make deposits into the casinos. These bonuses usually come in the form of percentages of the purchased amount and generally range from between 10 - 15% up to a maximum cap which is determined by the casino. Anyway look out for these bonuses as it's a great way to get some extra bonus cash on top of the casinos existing bonuses both sign-up and monthly.

NETeller – NETeller is one of the most widely accepted online payment alternatives. Use your Visa or Mastercard, a Wire Transfer, ACH/EFT or Insta Cash to fund your NETeller account and then it is easy, quick and safe for you to make any online purchases or to fund your casino bankroll. For further info, go to www.neteller.com.

900Pay - 900Pay is a payment option that is offered through NETeller. This method is coordinated by phone and you can deposit money into your casino account and have it charges to your phone bill. You do not need to have a credit card or give out your banking information to use this convenient way of transferring money. With 900Pay, there are no long distance charges or any hidden charges. Unfortunately this service is currently only available to US residents only. You must also be sure not to have a 900 service block on your telephone. If you do, just call your phone company to get it removed.

Fire Pay – FirePay is an easy and secure way to fund your casino account. Like a debit card, you fund your account and use the balance to buy chips, etc. With FirePay you can feel at ease because you never have to reveal your personal credit card number to the online casino. You can choose from a number of different options to fund your FirePay account, Visa, Mastercard or electronic checks to name a few.

Click2Pay - Click2Pay works like a virtual wallet. You simply pre-fund your account and anytime you need to make a purchase online or fund your casino bankroll you just debit the balance form your account. Click2Pay is available in a number of different currencies and it is typical for a casino to offer instant credit to Click2Pay users.

ACH Direct Bank Transfer - An Automatic Clearing House (ACH) is a simple direct fund transfer from any bank holder’s account to a specific chosen beneficiary (ex. the online casino). This type of transfer is really easy and fast however it is unfortunately only available to US citizens at the current time.

PaySpark – PaySpark is a quick and easy Internet payment method. Like a credit card, your purchases can be made with your PaySpark account and should never be rejected as long as you have sufficient funds in your account. With your PaySpark account, you will receive free activity statements.

Wire Transfer – using a wire transfer is a great way to fund your online casino bankroll. By using wire transfers you are saving yourself the hassle of opening an account with a third party banking service and since many casinos love it when their clients use wire transfers to make payments they may reward the player with a bonus. Although almost all casinos will accept wire transfers, some casinos still only accept them in the form of US dollars. It can also take up to five days for your transfer to go through, bonus included.

EcoCard – Offering the top security and anonymity, EcoCard is a fast growing online payment option. EcoCard works like a virtual debit card where clients pre-fund their accounts and can debit their account as needed. EcoCard has branches all over the world with a fully integrated network of banks found in various European locations

Citadel – Probably the safest of all the online payment services today, Citadel is simply an electronic check service. Clients fund their Citadel accounts, which can be used to fund their online bankroll, by depositing electronic checks from their checking accounts directly into their Citadel accounts. In order to use Citadel, you must have a checking account with any US financial institution. All transactions are made in US dollars. Check them out at citadelcommerce.com.

Money Bookers – A payment solution that is free of charge, Money Bookers is an extremely cost effective and safe alternative that allows you to purchase your casino credits in real time. Money Bookers is available to anyone across the map who holds an email account.

Bank Draft – Another option every player has is to just write a check or get a bank draft and mail it to the casino. Although this option seems to be the simplest, it can take a few days to get there by mail and then usually about 5 – 10 days for the bank draft to clear and for personal checks, up to 21 days. Once your check/draft has cleared, the online casino will automatically credit your account and you can begin to play for real money. Bank drafts and personal checks can be mailed directly to the online casino for deposit. Upon receipt, bank drafts typically take 10 business days to clear, while personal checks take 21, at which time your account will be credited.